TOPIC: What is the Cure for a Pandemic Greater than the Coronavirus?

GUEST: Ray Comfort, Evangelist, Living Waters

Right now the world is focused on a viral pandemic called COVID-19 that many have contracted and from which many have died. But have you considered that there is an even greater spiritual pandemic that is fatal for every person? What would that be?

The answer is the sin pandemic. This pandemic is always terminal physically, and if not “treated” according to God’s word, is terminal spiritually as well. The Bible says, “for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God” and “the wages of sin is death” (Romans 3:23; 6:23).

People all over the world right now have anxiety. There are grave health risks, financial hardship, and a very uncertain future. But our guest this weekend, Ray Comfort, founder of Living Waters Ministries, will join us to explain how you can have peace and hope through this trial.

Ray will show how the viral pandemic is actually a unique opportunity to share the cure for the even greater spiritual pandemic.

Also, Lydia Kaiser from Child Evangelism Fellowship will join us to offer some constructive ideas to do with your children during this time at home. Check out their COVID-19 resources.

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In the midst of this COVID-19 pandemic many people are wrestling with thoughts of death. This 20-page booklet would be an excellent resource to share with your friends and loved ones. Available now for just $.50 each.

A COVID-19 resource for children from Child Evangelism Fellowship.

DO YOU WONDER WHY? is a short booklet and video for children answering important questions they may be asking. Why do so many bad things happen in the world? Why did God allow this to happen? How can I get through this terrible time?

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SATURDAY, March 28, 2020

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