TOPIC: Tearing Down Statues to Make Totalitarian America

GUEST:  CURTIS BOWERS, producer, Agenda Films

Over the past month, over 100 statues and monuments depicting American history—from Christopher Columbus to Confederate-era figures to founders like George Washington—have been torn down or defaced by vandals or removed by local governments all over the U.S.

Why? Because those with a leftist worldview believe that America was established illegitimately and then founded and built by white supremacist slave owners. These lies are now commonplace in the educational system thanks to deconstructionist, Marxist historians like Howard Zinn (>> listen to recent program on Zinn here).

Destroying American history in an attempt to “blow up the system” is troubling to patriots who realize that Americans before us were sinful like we are yet formed the greatest, freest, and most prosperous, compassionate, and God-fearing (perhaps apart from Old Testament Israel at times) nation in history.

This Independence Day weekend on The Christian Worldview, Curtis Bowers, producer of the award-winning Agenda films, host of the Faith, Family, and Freedom podcast, and past keynote speaker at our Speaker Series event on socialism, will join us to discuss why statues are being torn down and what it bodes for our future.


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