20 May 2023

TOPIC: Being Informed and Prepared for the Great Reset

2023-05-22T11:49:29-05:00May 20, 2023|

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For listeners near the Minneapolis and St. Paul metro area, there is still opportunity for you to attend The Christian Worldview Speaker Series event on Saturday, May 20 from 9:00 am – 10:30 am at Fourth Baptist Church in Plymouth, MN.

International journalist Alex Newman, who specializes in global trends, will be our featured speaker on “Being Informed and Prepared for the Great Reset.” […]

19 Jan 2023

TOPIC: Is the Covid “Vaccine” Causing Sudden Deaths?

2023-01-26T23:35:39-06:00Jan 19, 2023|

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McCullough COVID Protocol

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GUEST: PETER McCULLOUGH, MD MPH, cardiologist and author, The Courage to Face COVID-19
In early 2020, news reports began to emerge of a new virus from China […]

26 Nov 2022

TOPIC: Thanksgiving Special – The Pilgrims’ Beliefs and the Founding of America

2022-11-30T20:50:10-06:00Nov 26, 2022|

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** This program was previously aired 11/27/21 but the DVD offer is available again for a short time.

GUEST: DR. JERRY NEWCOMBE, producer, The Pilgrims documentary

A small group of biblical Christians known as the the Pilgrims are widely considered to be “the founders of America”.

Numbering only about 400-500 souls, they had fled religious persecution in England to settle in Holland. But after ten years there, they decided on another […]

12 Nov 2022

TOPIC: Mid-Term Election Follow Up: How a Red Wave Turned Into a Red Ripple?

2022-11-17T23:14:40-06:00Nov 12, 2022|

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GUEST: ROBERT KNIGHT, columnist, Washington Times

For the last two years, Democrats held majorities in both the US House and US Senate and the White House with President Biden. This has allowed them to push through all manner of God-rejecting policies on the country.

But as the mid-term election loomed, and pundits, polls, and history all concurred that a Red Wave of Republican victories would […]

05 Nov 2022

TOPIC: Mid-Term Election Special—Will Americans Vote Against Wickedness?

2022-11-10T22:10:34-06:00Nov 05, 2022|

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Mat Staver, Founder and Chairman, Liberty Counsel
Pastor Andrew DeBartolo, Director of Operations, Liberty Coalition Canada

President Biden and the Left have held majority power in the White House and Congress for nearly two years. And what a wicked two years it has been for the country.

The federal law allowing abortion in all states may have been rightly overturned by the Supreme Court but […]

15 Oct 2022

TOPIC: What Current Events Are Stepping Stones to the Return of Christ

2022-10-20T23:43:51-05:00Oct 15, 2022|

GUEST: SOEREN KERN, Christian Geopolitical Analyst

As Jesus pointed to the temple, He told His disciples, “Truly I say to you, not one stone here will be left upon another, which will not be torn down.”

Just as Jesus predicted, the temple was torn down and destroyed in AD 70 by the Romans. But the question the disciples then asked is the same one Christians […]

09 Sep 2022

TOPIC: Fascist Playbook Rule No. 1 – Accuse the Opposition Of What You’re Doing

2022-09-15T21:53:27-05:00Sep 09, 2022|

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In contradiction to President Biden’s promise to unify the country after the 2020 election, he and his administration have made the decision to accuse who he calls “MAGA Republicans” (Trump voters) as enemies of the state and the cause of all that ails America. He recently labeled tens of millions of Trump supporters as “semi-fascists” and then gave […]

13 Aug 2022

TOPIC: Why Is Inflation So High? Hint: It’s a Worldview Issue

2022-08-19T09:46:05-05:00Aug 13, 2022|

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GUEST: CAL BEISNER, President, The Cornwall Alliance for the Stewardship of Creation

No doubt you have noticed that the price of nearly everything has increased. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, “Over the 12 months ended June 2022, the Consumer Price Index for All Urban Consumers increased 9.1 percent…the largest 12-month increase since the 12-month period ending November 1981.”

For example, food […]

06 Aug 2022

TOPIC: Why Are Gas Prices So High? Hint: It’s a Worldview Issue

2022-08-11T23:18:16-05:00Aug 06, 2022|

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GUEST: CAL BEISNER, President, The Cornwall Alliance for the Stewardship of Creation

Just as the root of redefining marriage and gender is rebellion against God’s Word, so the same motivation drives the left-wing “climate change” movement.

God commanded Adam and Eve in the first chapter of Scripture, “Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth, and subdue it; and rule over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the […]

30 Jul 2022

TOPIC: What is the Christian’s Duty to God vs. Government? – Part 1

2022-08-12T08:43:24-05:00Jul 30, 2022|

This program is a rebroadcast from 3/12/22

GUEST: PASTOR JAMES COATES, co-author, God vs. Government

Persecution, imprisonment, and murder of Christians is nothing new. The gospels recount the crucifixion of Christ and the book of Acts chronicles the threats, beatings, jailings, and stonings of first century Christians.

Today is no different for believers in Communist China or North Korea, where Christians defy government edicts and gather secretly. In some Islamic countries, Christians are […]