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When you do a SINGLE SHOW SPONSORSHIP, you can have a short message read on air about someone or something dear to your heart.

After you select a single show sponsorship above, we will email you about the following:

1. The date you would like your single show sponsorship to be read on air.

2. The proposed text of your sponsorship, which is a sentence or two in honor of someone who has made a great spiritual impact on your life (e.g. family member, pastor, friend, teacher). Or, it can be a prayer request for someone or something (e.g. salvation for a person, persecuted Christians, mothers considering an abortion, wayward child, loved one with health challenge, our country and leaders, etc.).

Sample text: Today’s program is sponsored by Mark in honor of John: “John, thank you for caring enough about me to share the gospel with me in college. My life and eternity has been forever changed and I will always be grateful to God for using you in my life.”

Your message will be read on air at the beginning and end of the program.

(Note: The Christian Worldview reserves the right to decline single show sponsorships. If your sponsorship request is denied, you will be refunded.)


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