24 Nov 2023

TOPIC: Thanksgiving Special – The Pilgrims’ Beliefs and the Founding of America

2023-11-24T21:58:55-06:00Nov 24, 2023|

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** This program was previously aired 11/27/21 but the DVD offer is available again for a short time.

GUEST: DR. JERRY NEWCOMBE, producer, The Pilgrims documentary

A small group of biblical Christians known as the the Pilgrims are widely considered to be “the founders of America”.

Numbering only about 400-500 souls, they had fled religious persecution in England to settle in Holland. But after ten years there, they decided on another […]

18 Nov 2023

TOPIC: Winning the Toxic War on Men

2023-11-21T14:10:06-06:00Nov 18, 2023|

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GUEST: OWEN STRACHAN, author, The War On Men

Maybe you’ve seen the t-shirt that proclaims, “Smash the patriarchy.” Or you’ve heard the gender studies professor say, “Masculinity is toxic” or “the future is female.”

This is the spirit of our age, that manhood as prescribed and exemplified in Scripture is oppressive and the cause of conflict and injustice in the world. We have moved light years […]

11 Nov 2023

TOPIC: Some Bless, Most Curse—Why the Widely Divergent Stance toward Israel?

2023-11-13T22:45:55-06:00Nov 11, 2023|

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GUESTS: CHRIS KATULKA, Radio Host, Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry

A “moral equivalency” is argumentation that attempts to make two opposing sides equal, when in reality one side is far more immoral than the other.

Example: Israel and Hamas. The Islamist group Hamas, based in the Palestinian territory of Gaza, barbarically slaughters 1400 civilians in the October 7 raid on Israel and immediately those […]

04 Nov 2023

TOPIC: Perspective on the Decline—Or Is It the Rise?—of the American Empire. Part 2

2023-11-10T01:55:13-06:00Nov 04, 2023|

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GUESTS: ALEX NEWMAN, Journalist and CEO, Liberty Sentinel Media and CHRIS KATULKA, Radio Host, Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry

The prophet Isaiah spoke the following about God’s control over nations and rulers:

“He it is who reduces rulers to nothing,
Who makes the judges of the earth meaningless.
Scarcely have they been planted,
Scarcely have they been sown,
Scarcely has their stock taken root in the earth,
But He merely blows on them, […]

28 Oct 2023

TOPIC: Perspective on the Decline—Or Is It the Rise?—of the American Empire. Part 1

2023-11-02T21:41:38-05:00Oct 28, 2023|

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GUEST: ALEX NEWMAN, Journalist and CEO, Liberty Sentinel Media

There are wars and rumors of wars taking place in Israel. Armies from the north, like Russia, are flexing their military might in Ukraine and the Middle East. Armies from the east, like China, are enlarging their economic and military power across the world.

So where does that leave the United States of America, arguably the […]

21 Oct 2023

TOPIC: The Reformation, Eschatology, and Israel

2023-10-26T22:49:15-05:00Oct 21, 2023|

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GUEST: MIKE GENDRON, founder/evangelist, Proclaiming the Gospel

In your church this past Sunday, did your pastor mention or pray for the situation in Israel, in light of the murderous incursion by the radical Islamic group Hamas into Israel on October 7 where they barbarically slaughtered over 1300 civilian Jews (some of which were Americans) and took hostage over 200 more?

If not, why not? Let’s […]

14 Oct 2023

TOPIC: How the War in Israel Could Reshape the World Order

2023-10-17T21:34:03-05:00Oct 14, 2023|

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GUEST: SOEREN KERN, Geopolitical Analyst and Writing Fellow for Middle East Forum

In what Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and others are calling “Israel’s 9/11”, Hamas, a militant Islamist group based in Gaza, a small but densely populated Palestinian territory in southwest Israel, launched a deadly attack this past Saturday which has killed more than 1200 Israelis.

Israel immediately declared war, clearing Israeli towns of […]

07 Oct 2023

TOPIC: Biblical Clarity on the Holy Spirit

2023-11-15T23:09:22-06:00Oct 07, 2023|

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Guest: Costi Hinn, pastor and author, Knowing the Spirit

The Holy Spirit is the “most used and abused member of the Trinity,” writes our guest Costi Hinn in his new book, Knowing the Spirit: Who He Is, What He Does, and How […]

28 Sep 2023

Topic: The “Theology of Glory” versus the “Theology of the Cross”?

2023-10-06T11:07:38-05:00Sep 28, 2023|

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If millions of people are reading a Christian book or watching a Christian television series, God must be at work, right?

If tens of thousands of people are attending a mega-church with 15 multisite locations, God must be being honored, correct?

If bigger is evidence of God’s favor, Jesus must not have been very favored by God. By the end of His ministry, He had few followers, was falsely convicted, and died a […]

16 Sep 2023

TOPIC: Truth, Justice, and the American Way?

2023-09-22T09:09:12-05:00Sep 16, 2023|

GUEST: ABRAHAM HAMILTON III, General Counsel and Public Policy Analyst, American Family Association

The establishment of laws and the punishments for breaking them that apply to some but not to others is the bane of a healthy and cohesive society. The United States has prided itself as a country where there is “equal justice under the law” and “liberty and justice for […]