Guests: Fathers of The Christian Worldview Board

“Discipline your son while there is hope, and do not desire his death.” Proverbs 19:18

The government and media response to the mass-murder rampage by an Islamist at a homosexual nightclub in Orlando has been mostly about gun control, protecting Muslims from hate crimes, and celebrating the homosexual movement.  In fact, there have even been suggestions in some quarters that Christians are the ones who have created the climate for this kind of tragedy through their opposition to same-sex marriage.

There was a time when prayer, repentance, and soul-searching over what our society has become would have been at least part of the response.  But not now, even in many churches.

The main target of attack in our post-Christian society is the biblical family.  Mothers are urged to put career above child-rearing and children are encouraged to choose their gender at school.  But perhaps the biggest bullseye is on the head of the biblical family—the father.  He has been marginalized, feminized, and minimized.

This Father’s Day Weekend on The Christian Worldview, four dads who are followers of Christ and members of the board of The Overcomer Foundation, will join us to discuss fatherhood in a post-Christian society, specifically as it relates to the various stages of their children, from pre-teen to adult.