Being a Man of the Word
(Not the World)

CURRENT PROGRAM: April 13, 2024

with guest, BRAD KLASSEN

CURRENT PROGRAM: Saturday, APRIL 13, 2024

GUEST: BRAD KLASSEN, professor and teacher, Men of the Word

You’ve heard about “the war on men”. In fact, Owen Strachan, author of a book by that title was interviewed on The Christian Worldview on Nov. 18, 2023.

Owen described how our society seeks to emasculate men in order to stamp out what they call “toxic masculinity”. At a more fundamental level, what animates this war is a rejection of God and his design and role for men. Instead of being the leaders, cultivators, and protectors God designed, men become passive, weak, and cowardly.

The way back from this morass isn’t as superficial as an in-your-face dressing-down by a drill sergeant or calls from the social media “manosphere” to “man up”. Nor is it as simple as engaging in manly things, like operating a chain saw or pumping iron in the gym.

Our guest this weekend, Brad Klassen, Professor of Bible Exposition at The Master’s Seminary and teacher of Grace Community Church’s men’s group “Men of the Word”, will explain how reclaiming Biblical manhood starts inside the mind and the heart.

For when a man’s mind is renewed according to Scripture (i.e. Romans 12:1-2) and when he is fueled by a love for God over himself and over the things of the world, God does a transforming work to make a man what He designed him to be.

Apr 12, 2024|

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