TOPIC: American Gospel—“Progressive” Christianity (Part 2 of 3)

GUEST: BRANDON KIMBER, film producer, American Gospel 1 and 2

Last week, we discussed the first American Gospel film that focuses on some of the false teaching and teachers infecting the church, such as:

  • moralistic preaching (“do good, be moral”)
  • works gospel (“faith plus your good works make you right with God”)
  • attractional church (“gear church for non-believers”)
  • health, wealth, and prosperity gospel (“God will heal you and prosper you financially”)

This weekend and next, Brandon Kimber, creator of both American Gospel films, will join us to discuss his second film on “progressive Christianity”.

Progressive Christianity is found in the mainline Protestant denominations (United Methodist Church, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, Presbyterian Church USA, Episcopal Church, American Baptist Churches, United Church of Christ, etc.) and also the Emerging Church movement with leaders such as Brian McClaren, Rob Bell, Tony Jones, and others like Jim Wallis and Tony Campolo. (more…)

SATURDAY, February 08, 2020

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