In the first two chapters of his letter to Christians in Rome, the apostle Paul establishes that all people are sinners and separated from God, spanning the spectrum from non-believing Gentiles to religious Jews.

Paul describes what leads the former group (non-believing Gentiles) into downward spiraling degrees of sexual immorality and other sins is suppressing the truth and not acknowledging God (v. 21, 28).

That makes sense—reject the authority of God and man is the authority—and goes a long way to explain why American society today is “depraved, full of strife, arrogant, inventors of evil…and gives hearty approval to those who practice” sin” (Romans 1:28-32 excerpts).

But there’s another reason given in Romans 1 that leads a people being “given over” by God to unrighteousness.  Verse 21 says, “For even though they knew God, they did not honor Him as God or give thanks” [italics mine].

In other words, not giving thanks to God for who He is and all He gives leads to a society in moral decline.  Why is that?

This Thanksgiving Weekend on The Christian Worldview, we will discuss why thanklessness is at the root of our society’s brokenness and how Christians need to speak and model something very different.