GUEST: TROY DOBBS, pastor and author, The Blessed Life

“When Jesus saw the crowds, He went up on the mountain; and after He sat down, His disciples came to Him. He opened His mouth and began to teach them, saying…” Matt 5:1-2

The Sermon on the Mount, as it is known, is Jesus’ most well-known sermon. It is found in Matthew 5-7 with a more condensed version in Luke 6.

Jesus covers all kinds of ground in the sermon, opening with nine statements, called the beatitudes, about the person who is “blessed” due to inner spiritual qualities. Jesus goes on to preach about the righteousness of the Law and issues like murder, adultery, divorce, oaths, revenge, love of neighbor, charity, prayer, fasting, wealth and possessions.

It is the perfect sermon from the perfect Son of God.

Our guest this weekend and next on The Christian Worldview, Troy Dobbs, senior pastor of Grace Church Eden Prairie, MN, has just authored a book titled The Blessed Life…That No One Really Wants where he goes one by one through Jesus’ statements on the “blessed”, explaining what they mean and how modern-day American Christianity has a very different interpretation.

Join us this weekend and next to find out how the beatitudes can be appropriated into your life so you can be a truly “blessed” person.

Short Take: How is the Sermon on the Mount misinterpreted?

Short Take: How does the prosperity gospel distort the Beatitudes?

Short Take: Tell us about your conversion and spiritual exhaustion, rather than resting in Christ.

Short Take: How is being “poor in spirit” the prerequisite for salvation and growing as Christians?

Short Take: How did losing your mom teach you about mourning?