~ rebroadcast from Dec 15, 2018

Canadian Jordan Peterson is a psychology professor, author of the wildly popular book, The 12 Rules for Life, and speaks to large audiences all over the world.  Ben Shapiro is also a well-known author and speaker and has been called “the voice of the conservative Millennial movement.”

Both men are known for strongly pushing back against the Cultural Marxist worldview that dominates higher education, media, culture, and the political Left and which seeks to overthrow those they perceive as oppressors (Christians, males, whites), creating “social justice” for the oppressed (women, homosexuals, minority ethnicities and religions, homosexuals).

With Marxism being a God-rejecting, humanistic worldview, many Christians find common cause with Peterson and Shapiro, who are standing up to the Left at a deeper philosophical and moral level than the typical Left v. Right battles of conservative political commentators such as Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity.

But is there something Christians should be wary of in being influenced by the worldview of Peterson and Shapiro, who mix human wisdom with some truths borrowed from Scripture, yet without The Truth of Christ?

This weekend on The Christian Worldview, pastor Travis Allen of Grace Church in Greeley, CO, will join us for part 2 of our discussion.

View the interview of Ben Shapiro with Pastor John MacArthur

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Short Take #1: What keeps Christian apologists from being as popular as Jordan Peterson and Ben Shapiro?

Short Take #2: How would you respond to the person who says, “At least Jordan Peterson and Ben Shapiro are moving people away from Cultural Marxism”?

Short Take #3: How do you analyze the response by John MacArthur to Ben Shapiro’s question about the “difference between Christianity and Judaism”?

Short Take #4: What is your final word of exhortation as we think about conservative-but-not-Christian leaders such as Jordan Peterson and Ben Shapiro?