Ligonier, the preaching and teaching ministry founded by R.C. Sproul (who went to be with the Lord last year), conducts “The State of Theology” survey every two years to gauge the religious beliefs of a cross-section of our society.

The 2018 survey was recently released where people were asked to respond to 34 statements, such as, “Everyone sins a little, but most people are good by nature” or “The Bible, like all sacred writings, contains helpful accounts of ancient myths but is not literally true.”

Just to give you a preview, 52% of Evangelicals agreed that people are good by nature and 53% of Millennials agreed that the Bible it not literally true.

The responses to these and other statements in the survey are tragic but not surprising.  How is that the case?

Dr. Stephen Nichols, the chief academic officer for Ligonier Ministries, will join us this weekend on The Christian Worldview to dive into the findings of the survey, how the general society and even Evangelicals have formed such non-biblical worldviews, and how the church and individual Christians should respond.

Short Take #1: What explains why more than 50% of Evangelicals answer in clear contradiction of Scripture?

Short Take #2: How to explain that one sin deserves eternal damnation and why so many reject this?

Short Take #3: How is the survey statement about Scripture the key one?

Short Take #4: Homosexuality and transgenderism: What should the church be doing to counteract this?

Short Take #5: Is younger generation of Christians’ focus on social issues indicative of something older generation lacked?