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The Cosmic Consequences of Christ’s Crosswork

This booklet clearly and concisely explains, not only what Jesus came to do for individual human souls, but also what He came to do for the whole of creation: to reconcile it, too, to God

[15 page, softcover, retail $3.50 + shipping]

Climate Change and the Christian

Dr. E.Calvin Beisner ties together the scientific evidence that human influence on global temperature is real but so slight as to be insignificant and the benefits of continued and even growing use of fossil fuels.

[60 min DVD, retail $10 + shipping]

“Life is Best” DVD Series

13-episode DVD series which comprehensively and biblically covers the abortion issue.  You will be equipped to debunk the futile reasoning of pro-abortionists and to explain why God, His Word and the Gospel provide truth and hope.

[13-episode DVD, retail is $49 plus shipping]



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