Past Programs



17: Is Your Faith Ready For Unjust Imprisonment? Guests: Kevin and Julia Garratt, Imprisoned in China
10: The Biggest Challenge: Raising a Child Who Loves God as an Adult  Guests: Matt Morell and Alan Hodak
03: Is the Bible Really the Word of God? Part 1 of 2 Guest: Michael Perkins


27: Your Questions on the How and When of Origins – Part 3 of 3 Guest: Tommie Mitchell
20: How a Young Earth Answers Man’s Oldest Problem – Part 2 of 3 Guest: Bodie Hodge
13: How a Young Earth Answers Man’s Oldest Problem – Part 1 of 3  Guest: Ken Ham
06: What Should We Learn and Apply from the Life of Dr. RC Sproul?



30: Christ’s Birth—How the Cradle Points to the Cross  Guest: Stu Epperson, Jr. – rebroadcast from 12/17/16
23: Christ’s Birth—How the Cradle Points to the Cross  Guest: Stu Epperson, Jr. – rebroadcast from 12/17/16
16: Women Teaching Men in Church—What’s the Big Deal?  Guest: Pastor Travis Allen
09: #MeToo Part 2: Overcoming the Collision of Perversion and Feminism
02: #MeToo Culture: Where Feminism and Perversion Collide


24: Discipling Your Children and Grandchildren  Guest: Glen Keane
18: Sanctification and How To Pursue It  Guest: Michael Riccardi – rebroadcast from 12/10/16
11: What Is Cultural Marxism?  Guest: Robert Knight
04: Race-Ism Part 2 — Of Statues and Slavery  Guest: Gregg Frazer


28: Martin Luther: The Life and Legacy of the German Reformer  Guest: Barry Cooper
21: What Does Race-Ism in Public Schools Look Like?  Guest: Katherine Kersten
14: Overcoming Substances of Mass Destruction
07: Four Burning Questions on the Las Vegas Massacre


30: Overcoming Depression and Suicide  Guest: Ray Comfort
23: Highlights from The Christian Worldview Conference 2017  Guests: Troy Dobbs & Soeren Kern
16: LIVE from The Christian Worldview Conference 2017  Guests: Troy Dobbs & Soeren Kern
09: What the Growth of the Non-Religious Means
02: Understanding God and America in Hurricane Harvey  Guests: Cal Beisner & Terry Mortenson

26: What Is The Protesters’ Ultimate Goal?  Guest: Soeren Kern
19: Why The Conflict in Charlottesville Should Have Christians Concerned
12: The Importance of Child Evangelism  Guest: Reese Kauffman
05: How The Reformation Changed Western Civilization  Guest: Dr. Stephen Nichols

29: Foolish Sentiments Sink Presidents
22: Overcoming Depression and Suicide  Guest: Ray Comfort
15: The Parachurch in a Brave New America  Guest: Travis Allen – rebroadcast from 08/20/16
08: Why Are Evangelicals Reversing the Reformation Divide with Roman Catholics?  Guest: Mike Gendron
01: Counseling—The Good, The Not-So-Good, and the Downright Dangerous  Guest: Dr. Heath Lambert

24: The Totalitarian Tide … That’s Likely Not Going Out
17: Father’s Role Reviewal, Not Role Reversal
10: Why the “Bible Answer Man” Converted to the Eastern Orthodox Church … But You Shouldn’t  Guest: Mike Gendron
03: “But God”—How a Lesbian Activist Becomes a Christ-Follower  Guest:  Rosaria Butterfield

27: President Trump’s Travels Abroad and Troubles Back Home  Guest: Soeren Kern
20: Reformation Revisited: Why Die Over the Doctrine of Justification? Guest: Troy Dobbs
13: Mother’s Day Special Interview Guests: Bruce & Mary Jane Wheaton
06: Skeptical About Faith? Then Consider the Evidence.  Guest: Don Bierle

29: What Is Your Tough Question?
22: How To Respond When You Are Hated For Your Faith  Guest: Ken Ham
15: What Does It Mean That Christ Is The Believer’s High Priest?  Guest: Greg Gilbert
08: The Four Propositions of Easter
01: Is There a Biblical Case for Zionism?  Guest: Dr. Thomas Ice

25: We Preach Christ — Highlights of Shepherds’ Conference 2017
18: Why You Should Not Visit The Shack  Guest: Tim Challies
11: Convictions and the Legacy of Influence  Guests: Harry Walls, Ron Brown, Graham Nabity
04: Identifying and Overcoming Our Spiritual Blind Spots Guest: Tom Pennington

25: How to Have Abiding Hope in Our Most Difficult Trials Guest: T. Windahl
18: What Biblical Christians Must Know About the New Apostolic Reformation and the Jesus Culture Music Band  Guest: Todd Friel
11: What Is The Story of Reality? Part 2 of 2 Guest: Greg Koukl
04: What Is The Story of Reality? Part 1 of 2  Guest: Greg Koukl

28: What’s More Important—The Right to Health Care or The Right to Life?  Guest: Twila Brase
20: Trump In, Obama Out — Looking Ahead, Looking Back
14: The Dubious UN Resolution Against Israel Guest: Chris Katulka
07: Making and Keeping Resolutions


31: Man’s Problem: Sin. God’s Solution: One Perfect Life  Guest: John MacArthur –rebroadcast from July 20, 2013
24: How God Has Already Won the War on Christmas  Guest: Bodie Hodge — rebroadcast from Dec 2013
17: Christ’s Birth—How the Cradle Points to the Cross Guest: Stu Epperson, Jr.
10: Sanctification and How To Pursue It Guest: Michael Riccardi
03: What Should We Learn from the Election? Guest: David Aikman


26: Teaching Biblical Doctrines to Children  Guest: Michael Joens
19: What the Worldview of Millennials Means for the Future Guest: Dr Heath Lambert
12: God Moves, America Votes: What President Trump Means for America, for Christians Guest: Travis Allen
05: Perspective and Prayer Before the Election Guest: Franklin Graham


29: “Be Anxious For Nothing” … Okay, How?  Guest: Todd Friel
22: Humanism’s Bloodless Coup in America Guest: Ed Vitagliano
15:  How a Constitutional Republic Becomes a Banana Republic
08: H.O.P.E. — Help Overcoming Pornography Effectively Guests: Pastors Matt Morell and Jeremy Stephens
01: “Why Are The Peoples Devising a Vain Thing” and What Is God Doing About It? Guest: Dr. Steven Lawson


24: Bridging the Great Divides in America
17: Reviving the Forgotten Practice of Christian Hospitality Guest: Pastor Ken Smith
10: “But God”—How a Lesbian Activist Becomes a Christ-Follower Guest: Rosaria Butterfield
03: The Hebrew Roots Movement—Burden or Biblical? Guest: Steve Kreloff


27: Church Leadership Training … According to Whom? Guest: Travis Allen
20: The Parachurch in a Brave New America Guest: Travis Allen
13: How To Change an Atheist’s Mind with One Question Guest: Ray Comfort
06: Is There Really a Communist Influence in America? Guest: Curtis Bowers


30: Who is Hillary Clinton?
23: Who is Donald Trump?
16: Why More People Need to Enter Through the Door of the Ark Guests: Ken Ham & Jim Warner Wallace
09: Can Unity Come From Diversity?
02: Two Revolutions with One Guaranteed Outcome


25: Teaching Biblical Doctrines to Children Guest: Michael Joens
18: Fatherhood in a Post-Christian Culture Guests: Fathers of The Christian Worldview Board
11: Doing Sports God’s Way Guest: Wes Neal
04: Music and the Christian Guest: Philip Web


28: How To Reconcile God’s Sovereignty and Man’s Ability to Choose Guest: Randy Alcorn
21: Hell Is Real … But So Is The Cross Guest: Pastor Troy Dobbs
14: Original Sin: Its Reality and Ramifications Guest: Abner Chou
07: Discipling Your Grandchildren Guests: Bruce and Mary Jane Wheaton (David’s parents)


30: Standing on the Promises of God or the Trends of Man? Guest: Phil Johnson
23: “Why Are The Peoples Devising a Vain Thing” and What Is God Doing About It? Guest: Dr. Steven Lawson
16: Is There Really a Communist Influence in America? Guest: Curtis Bowers
09: Identifying and Overcoming Our Spiritual Blind Spots Guest: Pastor Tom Pennington
02: The Humanistic vs. Christian Worldview in Response to Islamic Barbarism Guest: Soeren Kern


26: What the Last Words of Christ on the Cross Mean for Us Today Guest: Stu Epperson, Jr.
19: The Only King To Trust and The Only Kingdom That Lasts Forever Guest: Greg Gilbert
12: Who Am I? Why Your Answer to that Question Really Matters Guest: Jerry Bridges — rebroadcast from April 2013
05: Debunking Seven Myths of the Humanistic Environmental Movement Guest: Megan Toombs


27: Answers to Fundamental Apologetic Questions Guest: Jason Carlson
20: Churched Millennials: Helping The Departed To Return Guest: Ken Ham
13: Gender Identity: America’s Latest Challenge to God’s Authority Guest: Dr. John Street
06: Why Jesus Taught in Parables Guest: Dr. John MacArthur


30: Keeping a Biblical Perspective in the Presidential Race
23: The Biblical Call and Plan for Productivity Guest: Tim Challies
16: What Is The Masculine Mandate for Men? Guest: Dr Richard Phillips
09: Is It Wrong for a Christian to Use Lethal Force to Stop a Criminal Threat to His/Her Life?
02:Understanding and Responding to the Moral Revolution Guest: Dr. Albert Mohler — rebroadcast from 12/12/15