Wives, be subject to your husbands … Husbands, love your wives … Children, be obedient to your parents. Colossians 3:18-20

The mere mention of the word “roles”, as in fathers and mothers (and children) having unique roles in a family, can cause hair to bristle, teeth to gnash, and steam to rise. “What kind of outdated, patriarchal, oppressor are you?” is what you will hear or feel.

Aside from the weakening influence of the church, the rejection of biblical roles within the family is perhaps the most significant reason why we are where we are as a society.

Fathers don’t exercise headship. Mothers usurp authority. Children rebel against parents. And the inexorable result is that marriages and families break down and split up.

This Father’s Day Weekend on The Christian Worldview, we will discuss the roles that God has prescribed from the very beginning for each member of the family and practical suggestions for how fathers should lead.